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The NTPsec Project blog, using Jekyll and GitLab Pages.

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GitLab CI

This project's static Pages are built by GitLab CI, following the steps defined in .gitlab-ci.yml:

Asciidoc pages are also supported by way of Jekyll Asciidoc. Use the extension .adoc or .ad.

Building locally

To work locally with this project, you'll have to follow the steps below:

  • Fork, clone or download this project
  • Install Jekyll. Your OS may have a package; Ubuntu's is "jekyll".
  • Install the jekyll-asciidoc gem. sudo gem install jekyll-asciidoc
  • Generate the website: jekyll build --drafts -d public
  • Preview your project: jekyll serve --drafts
  • Add content

Read more at Jekyll's documentation.

Note that the main project ( documentation is also maintained in Asciidoc, but it uses a Python convertor, not this Blog's Ruby. There are subtle differences in implementation.

Group Pages

This Blog is hosted on Gitlab Pages, and is served via the URL:



recently compeleted TODO

  1. Add https, TLSA, fix HSTS

  2. add ntpsec logo and favicon.

  3. Change GH to GL logo

  4. Link check

  5. unify with css

  6. asciidoc