Commit d564764e authored by Laurie Stephey's avatar Laurie Stephey

update ld bug info and fix broken link in profiling python

parent 94ac5665
......@@ -73,18 +73,14 @@ using a recipe like the following:
cd mpi4py-3.0.3
module swap PrgEnv-intel PrgEnv-gnu
module unload craype-hugepages2M
rm -vf $CONDA_PREFIX/compiler_compat/ld
python build --mpicc="$(which cc) -shared"
python install
!!! Warning "Bug in conda-provided `ld`"
!!! Note "Bug in conda-provided `ld` has been resolved"
The December 5, 2019 Cori maintenance exposed a bug in Anaconda's
compiler compatilibity `ld` GNU linker. Until this
compiler compatilibity `ld` GNU linker. This
is resolved, our reccomended workaround is to delete or rename the
`ld` GNU linker before attempting to build anything in your conda
environment. We will update/remove this message when the
issue is resolved.
was resolved on Jan 10, 2020.
The MPI-enabled Python interpreter is not required (see [this
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ Now you can run you application and collect data using cProfile:
`python -m cProfile -o path/to/your/script arg1 arg2`
Once your application is done running you can use scp or
to transfer the file to your local machine.
Now let's examine a more complex case in which we profile several processes
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