Commit c2a92ce0 authored by Kelly L. Rowland's avatar Kelly L. Rowland

Merge branch 'live-status-link' into 'master'

add motd link to footer

See merge request !235
parents 9d9a89f4 26a76980
......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@
<div class="nersc-foot-col-3">
<div class="nersc-foot-cell">
<div class="nersc-foot-title">Quick Links</div>
<a href="" title="Live Status - MOTD">Live Status/ MOTD</a><br>
<a href="{{ base_url }}/accounts/accounts/#obtaining-an-account" title="Obtaining an Account">Obtaining an Account</a><br>
<a href="{{ base_url }}/development/compilers" title="Building Software">Building Software</a><br>
<a href="{{ base_url }}/jobs/" title="Running Jobs">Running Jobs</a><br>
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