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# Applications
NERSC provides [modules](docs/environment/#nersc-modules-environment)
for a variety of common science codes such as:
* [VASP](vasp/
* [Quantum ESPRESSO](quantum-espresso/
* [NAMD](namd/
# NERSC Technical Documentation is a resource with the techinical details for users to
make effective use of [NERSC]('s resources. For center news and information
visit the [NERSC Home page]( and for interactive content
visit [MyNERSC](
!!! tip
These pages are hosted from a
[git repository]( and
are welcome!
## Quick links/ FAQ
1. [Obtaining an Account](accounts/
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1. [Managing Data](data/
1. [Reset my password](accounts/
!!!warning "BETA"
!!! warning "BETA"
Migration of content from []( is underway.
# Case Studies
NERSC staff along with Cray and Intel engineers have worked
applications to optimize codes for the Cori architectures. Several of
these efforts are documenated as case studies.
......@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@ nav:
- Using Intel Compilers with Docker Images: development/shifter/
- Examples: development/shifter/
- Applications:
- Overview: applications/
- Abinit: applications/abinit/
- BerkeleyGW: applications/berkeleygw/
- CP2K: applications/cp2k/
......@@ -62,6 +63,7 @@ nav:
- Portability: performance/
- Variability: performance/
- Case Studies:
- Overview : performance/case-studies/
- AMReX : performance/case-studies/amrex/
- Chombo-Crunch : performance/case-studies/chombo-crunch/
- EMGeo : performance/case-studies/emgeo/
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