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......@@ -114,7 +114,9 @@ HTAR is a command line utility that creates and manipulates
HPSS-resident tar-format archive files. It is ideal for storing groups
of files in HPSS. Since the tar file is created directly in HPSS, it
is generally faster and uses less local space than creating a local
tar file then storing that into HPSS. Furthermore, HTAR creates an
tar file then storing that into HPSS. HTAR also does inline compression
so compressing the data befrehand is unnecessary.
Furthermore, HTAR creates an
index file that (by default) is stored along with the archive in
HPSS. This allows you to list the contents of an archive without
retrieving it from tape first. The index file is only created
......@@ -161,6 +163,14 @@ one or two small member files, you may find faster retrieval rates by
skipping staging the file to the HPSS disk cache by adding the
"-Hnostage" option to your htar command.
### HTAR tips
- Using `htar` to backup directories obviates the need to tar the directories locally first
- `htar` compresses data inline, so you don't need to `gzip` it
- Try to only bundle 100GB-500GB in any single `htar` call
- If you have a truly huge amount of data to archive, try not to archive more than 100TB per day. This will help in allowing others to use the archive at the same time
- To retrieve only a few members from a large `htar` archive, use the `-Hnostage` option to avoid untarring the whole file into the staging area
### HTAR Usage Examples
Create an archive with directory "nova" and file "simulator"
......@@ -441,3 +451,4 @@ system to allow connections from HPSS Movers at NERSC, you will need
to grant access for TCP connections originating from the,,,, and subnets.
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