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Remove discussion of Lesson 2 prereqs, for simplicity.

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......@@ -52,12 +52,8 @@ become familiar with Docker.
### Get account on Spin, and a Project directory for Lesson 2
The next lesson, [Spin Getting Started Guide: Lesson 2: Running Your Image in
Spin](, requires an account on Spin. To do that, please see the
[Spin Getting Started Guide: How do I get started]( You will also need
SSH access on a NERSC Login node, such as, and access to a
Project directory. You will need the ability to modify the permissions on that
Project directory (Specifically, you will need to run `chmod o+x` on that
directory as described in Lesson 2.)
Spin](, requires an account on Spin, SSH access to a NERSC Login Node, and access
to a Project directory. For more information on those Prerequisites, see Lesson 2.
If you are waiting for your NERSC account to be set up, note that Lesson 1 can
be completed on your laptop without a NERSC account.
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