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# Science Gateways
## Special Notice: Help Us Test the New
The science gateway service `` ("portal") is migrating to NERSC's container-as-a-service platform, [Spin.](../spin)
NERSC staff already have created a version of portal in Spin that duplicates the old virtual machine-based service.
This new prototype seems to be functioning properly and serving the same content as the original.
We need help from our users to finish verifying that the prototype is working properly before we take it live.
If you have ever placed content at `/global/cfs/cdirs/<project>/www` you may want to participate.
The procedure for testing the prototype portal service takes only a few minutes:
1. Open the `/etc/hosts` file on your computer and add:
(If using Windows, you might need to edit e.g. `c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts`.)
1. Close and save the file. You may need sudo privileges to edit `/etc/hosts` on your machine. E.g. `sudo vi /etc/hosts`
1. Clear your browser history or open an incognito browser window and visit [](
If you are unable to connect, go back to step 1 and use `` instead.
1. If anything looks wrong to you, please file a ticket describing what you see and steps to reproduce it with
[NERSC Consulting](
!!! attention "Revert /etc/hosts when done!"
Do not forget to revert the changes you made to your `/etc/hosts` when you are done testing!
The plan is to finalize this migration on **Friday, July 31,** unless issues warrant a delay.
This migration does NOT affect `` ("portal-auth") at all.
But please note, we are currently preparing portal-auth for migration to Spin as well.
As in the case of this move, we will again ask users to test the prototype replacement portal-auth before taking it live.
Thank you for your help!
## About Science Gateways
A science gateway is a web-based interface to access HPC computers and
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