Commit fae8eada authored by Nathan Harris's avatar Nathan Harris

Make `RedisConnection.sendCommandsImmediately` public


During the refactor work (commit ea7c755d) that was merged with MRs !71 and !53 - `sendCommandsImmediately` was accidentally lowered to `internal`


Properly mark `RedisConnection.sendCommandsImmediately` as `public`


Developers should now have proper access to the `sendCommandsImmediately` property
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......@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ public final class RedisConnection: RedisClient {
/// When set to `true`, the buffer will be drained as soon as commands are added.
/// - Important: Even when set to `true`, the host machine may still choose to delay sending commands.
/// - Note: Setting this to `true` will immediately drain the buffer.
var sendCommandsImmediately: Bool {
public var sendCommandsImmediately: Bool {
get { return autoflush.load() }
set(newValue) {
if newValue { }
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