Commit 5672c555 authored by Nathan Harris's avatar Nathan Harris

Merge branch '51-ascii-init' into 'master'

51 -- Use `UInt8(ascii:)` for RESP Tokens

Closes #51

See merge request Mordil/swift-redis-nio-client!58
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......@@ -16,13 +16,13 @@ import protocol Foundation.LocalizedError
import NIO
extension UInt8 {
static let newline: UInt8 = 0xA
static let carriageReturn: UInt8 = 0xD
static let dollar: UInt8 = 0x24
static let asterisk: UInt8 = 0x2A
static let plus: UInt8 = 0x2B
static let hyphen: UInt8 = 0x2D
static let colon: UInt8 = 0x3A
static let newline = UInt8(ascii: "\n")
static let carriageReturn = UInt8(ascii: "\r")
static let dollar = UInt8(ascii: "$")
static let asterisk = UInt8(ascii: "*")
static let plus = UInt8(ascii: "+")
static let hyphen = UInt8(ascii: "-")
static let colon = UInt8(ascii: ":")
/// Provides methods for translating between byte streams and Swift types
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