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    Rename `RedisCommandContext` to `RedisCommand`, improve `RedisCommandHandler`... · 5fb0bfca
    Nathan Harris authored
    Rename `RedisCommandContext` to `RedisCommand`, improve `RedisCommandHandler` usage semantics, and cleanup documentation.
    During proposal review, it was noted that `RedisCommandContext` was a bit misleading, and the hidden reference semantics worrisome.
    In addition, several of parts of the documentation around `RedisCommandHandler` were weak or also misleading.
    - Rename `RedisCommandContext` to just `RedisCommand`
    - Update documentation to be more explicit about the module who owns the types being referenced
    - Update documentation to call out explicit usage semantics and behavior
    - Change `RedisCommandHandler` to close the socket connection on error thrown
    - Rename the "base" Redis Channel Handlers to be more explicitly named
    Users should have clearer documentation on what happens when using `RedisCommandHandler` and `RedisCommand` without hidden semantics.
    This contributes to issue #47.
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