Refactor RedisCommand into a general use object


RediStack today represents a command as a temporary object for the purpose of writing to the channel.

While it is useful to have an object for that purpose, commands handled in this way require immediate execution
and aren't available for other purposes.

Commands can serve a better purpose as a lightweight object to support delayed execution,
so that pipeling as described in issue #63 could be possible.


- Add: `get` overloads for JSON codable interaction on `RedisClient`
- Add: New `RedisZRangeResultOption` type for better interactions with zrange operations that can optionally return scores
- Add: New `RedisHashFieldKey` for type-safety when working with Hash field keys much like `RedisKey`
- Change: A few API types from enums to structs for library evolution
- Change: `RedisCommandHandler` to operate on a tuple of `RESPValue, EventLoopPromise<RESPValue>` rather than `RedisCommand`
- Change: `RedisCommand` to be a generic struct with the keyword, arguments, and a transform closure to defer execution
- Change: Almost all `RedisClient` command extensions to be factory methods on `RedisCommand` instead
- Change: Many response types to be optional to avoid developers having to do `isNull` checks on their own
- Change: `RedisClient.send(command:arguments:)` to be generic with `send(_:)` as the signature
- Rename: RedisClient extensions for scan methods to be more discoverable and legible as `scanHashField`, etc.


It should be easier to support a clean pipelining API with deferred command execution,
with extensions being easier for 2nd party developers, and the maintenance overhead of all of the command extensions
should be a little lighter when it comes to changing HOW commands are sent such as adding a context parameter
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