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    Rename `NIORedis` to `RedisNIO` · e81f9546
    Nathan Harris authored
    The SSWG has identified a fast approaching reality of namespace clashes in SPM within the ecosystem and has proposed a rule on names that `NIORedis` no longer complies with.
    All references to `NIORedis` have been switched to `RedisNIO` as this module name is unique (at least within GitHub's public repositories).
    The goals for this name are as follows:
    1. To indicate that this is a Redis client library that is built with SwiftNIO
    2. That it is a lower level library, as it directly exposes SwiftNIO as an implementation detail
        2a. The idea being that a higher level library (`Redis`) will be used, and to "go one level deeper" in the stack, you append the "deeper" `NIO` postfix
    3. It follows a naming pattern adopted by Vapor who has expressed their desire to adopt this library as their Redis implementation
    A repository, package name, and module name that are unique across GitHub's public repositories that achives the goals outlined a...
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