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    Add support for PubSub · e7b597fc
    Nathan Harris authored
    One of the great features of Redis is being able to subscribe and receive messages published to specific channels
    as a way of acting as a message queue for processing jobs.
    PubSub requires a specific understanding of the connection model that can only be implemented directly in this library.
    - Add: `RedisPubSubHandler` to sit in front of `RedisCommandHandler` to manage subscription callbacks and Redis registration
    - Add: `publish` and the `pubsub` commands
    - Add: `addPubSubHandler` extension to `NIO.Channel`
    - Add: Type-safe String wrapper of `RedisChannelName` for PubSub methods
    - Add: `pubsubSubscriptionNotFound` error case
    - Add: `isSubscribed` property to `RedisConnection`
    - Add: `availableConnectionCount` and `leasedConnectionCount` properties to `RedisConnectionPool`
    - Add: Metrics for PubSub
    - Add: `makeNewPool` factory method to `RedisConnectionPoolIntegrationTestCase`
    - Change: `RedisClient` to require methods for PubSub management, as they are intrinsicly tied to the client's connection model
    - Change: Parsing of `PING` response for handling special case in PubSub mode
    - Rename: `ActiveConnectionGauge` to `RedisMetrics.IncrementalGauge`
    Developers will now be able to use Redis in PubSub mode with both connections and pools.
    This resolves #6
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