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Added new screenshots and updated

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......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ makedepends=('git' 'cargo')
build() {
cd $srcdir/BrewStillery-$pkgver
......@@ -18,23 +18,26 @@ Written in Rust, using GTK3
* We now have a dropdown menu where you can pick your glassware and it will show you the appropriate colour in that glass.
* Switched from an entry/button setup to a dynamic one: everything is calculated on the fly.
* Refactored our ABV functions. It's now based off of one source, which is very accurate.
* Changed from using 32 bit floating point to 64 bit
* Changed from using 32 bit floating point to 64 bit.
## Screenshots:
![General Tab Screenshot](media/screenshots/BrewStilleryGeneralTab.png)
![Beer Top Tab Screenshot](media/screenshots/BrewStilleryBeerTopTab.png)
![General Tab Filled In Screenshot](media/screenshots/BrewStilleryGeneralTabFilledIn.png)
![Beer Bottom Tab Screenshot](media/screenshots/BrewStilleryBeerBottomTab.png)
![Beer Tab Top Screenshot](media/screenshots/BrewStilleryBeerTabTop.png)
![Beer Tab Top Filled In Screenshot](media/screenshots/BrewStilleryBeerTabTopFilledIn.png)
![Beer Tab Bottom Screenshot](media/screenshots/BrewStilleryBeerTabBottom.png)
![Champagne Tab Screenshot](media/screenshots/BrewStilleryChampagneTab.png)
![About Tab Screenshot](media/screenshots/BrewStilleryABoutTab.png)
![About Tab Screenshot](media/screenshots/BrewStilleryAboutTab.png)
## To Do:
* Update Screenshots
* Add Documentation To The Info Tab
* Add Sugars And Fruits To ABV From Grain
* Add Water Minerals Calculator
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