Commit f8ee1e0f authored by Monal5031's avatar Monal5031

appveyor.yml: Avoid pre-release of coala-bears

The pre-release of coala-bears
was being installed on appveyor,
which was causing the build to fail
mainly due to ApertiumLintBear in
the bears 0.12 pre-release also,
Also undo the VintBear workaround,
which is unnecessary after 0.11.1.

Fixes #coala/package_manager#143
parent e4efce61
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......@@ -105,9 +105,7 @@ build: false # Not a C# project, build stuff at the test step instead.
- "%CMD_IN_ENV% python install"
- "%CMD_IN_ENV% py.test --cov-fail-under=100"
- "%CMD_IN_ENV% pip install --pre coala-bears"
- "%CMD_IN_ENV% pip uninstall --yes vim-vint"
- "%CMD_IN_ENV% pip install chardet==3.0.3"
- "%CMD_IN_ENV% pip install coala-bears"
- "%CMD_IN_ENV% coala --ci"
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