Commit 41410e4d authored by Roland Lindh's avatar Roland Lindh

Remove redundant stdalloc.fh inclusion.

parent 66990800
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......@@ -21,10 +21,10 @@
Integer, Intent(In):: n, d
Real*8, Intent(InOut):: P_Old(n,d)
Logical, Intent(In):: Option
#include "stdalloc.fh"
External DDot_
Real*8 DDot_
#include "stdalloc.fh"
Integer k, kOpt, i, j, nAngles, iAngles, jAngles, iter, iSing, nRaw
Real*8 D_k, Tmp, grad2, gradMax, Det, D_k_Sum
Real*8 :: Thr1=1.0D-8, Thr2=1.0D-8
......@@ -599,7 +599,6 @@
Subroutine pdHess(H,nH)
Implicit None
#include "stdalloc.fh"
Integer nH
Real*8 H(nH,nH)
Integer i, j, k
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