Commit 6c41acb9 authored by Maren Hachmann's avatar Maren Hachmann

Fix last occurrance of DEBS, add a license to the package

parent 7bba3463
......@@ -135,7 +135,7 @@ mkdir -p $PACKAGE_DIR
# Build the .deb package
echo "$MARKER Building Debian package..."
checkinstall -y -D --fstrans=yes --install=no --pkgname inkscape-$BRANCH --pkgversion $DATE$REVISION --nodoc --maintainer "$USER" --arch amd64 --pakdir $PACKAGE_DIR --pkgsource "$REMOTE" --exclude="$SOURCE_DIR/.git"
checkinstall -y -D --fstrans=yes --install=no --pkgname inkscape-$BRANCH --pkgversion $DATE$REVISION --nodoc --pkglicense "GPL" --maintainer "$USER" --arch amd64 --pakdir $PACKAGE_DIR --pkgsource "$REMOTE" --exclude="$SOURCE_DIR/.git"
# Create user configuration directory, if doesn't exist
......@@ -205,6 +205,6 @@ $STARTER_FILE (or $STARTER_FILE_DEBUG)
The .deb package that has been built is available in
notify-send 'Package installed!' 'Enjoy running your new Inkscape build!' --icon=dialog-information
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