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  • 0.4-62   Version 0.4
    Release 0.4-62

    After many years of development and many troubles version 0.4 is finally here.

    This version brings new interface based on GTK3. We've switched to Python3 for easier future development. Interface changes and code rewrites resulted in big performance gain.

    There are many issues with this new version, most obvious ones being related to keyboard shortcuts, but I didn't wish to spend more months and keep people in the dark. Should you run into new issues, please report them here on GitLab or GitHub.

    This version also brings standalone executable. File provided for download here (ending with .standalone.zip) can be downloaded and just marked as executable by entering chmod +x sunflower-0.4.62.standalone.zip. Some dependencies might need to be installed for it to work but on most Gnome desktop environments it should work just fine. This version is ideal for trying Sunflower out as it doesn't require any installation.

    Please test and let me know if you run into any issues or have any comments on interface changes and similar.

  • 0.3-61
    252f1a85 · Merge branch 'release' ·
    Release 0.3-61

    Here's a hotfix release. This version fixes issue people were having with removing files when confirmation dialog is disabled.

  • 0.3-60
    61493606 · Merge branch 'release' ·
    Release 0.3-60

    After long wait, it's finally here. There were many changes under the hood, some new features, lot's of bug fixes. This is also the last GTK2 release. If there's a higher demand, I might maintain separate branch for GTK2, but we'll see.

    So here's the change log:

    • Ability to find text inside remote directories.
    • Add MTP, Gphoto2 and GIO Provider to handle Android phones and other multimedia devices.
    • Add context menu items to copy path or file name of selected item.
    • Add option to support second level extension.
    • Add support for GVFS archive mounts.
    • Added 'skip all' option to operation dialogs.
    • Added keyboard shortcuts for menus.
    • Added ability to lock session.
    • Added option to avoid following symlinks in operations.
    • Added support for calculating directory usage.
    • Added viewer word wrap option.
    • Check collisions on changed accelerators.
    • Custom dialog for confirming removal.
    • Enabled mnemonics in bookmark list.
    • Hide files listed in .hidden file.
    • Initial archive support.
    • Initial support for trash.
    • List of paths to be treated as always visible.
    • Main window: Add %P,%M and %U variables in commands.
    • Make viewer try to detect character encoding of file in order to better handle none ASCII/UTF-8 cases.
    • Operation queue implemented.
    • Option to turn on network path completion.
    • Properly handle system signals.
    • Properly support symbolic links.
    • Set 'sunflower' as process name if setproctitle module available.
    • Single instance support through DBus and fnctl.
    • Support for horizontal split.
    • Support for multiple patterns when matching items in find files tool.
    • Support for saving previously used patterns in find files tool.
    • Support link emblems though emblem manager.
    • Switched to GitHub API for version check.
    • Show extensions tabs first in viewer.
    • Set buffer size from system block size to improve performance in operations.
    • Selecting "open file list" will open current terminal path instead of initial.
    • Select first item when selected item is parent directory.
    • Scroll to item after applying sort function.
    • Improved path entry dialog.
    • Fixed some issues with making hard links.
    • Fixed setting emblems on expanded directories.
    • Fixed issues with overwriting files in multiple rename tool.
    • Fix issues with threads on some systems.
    • Fix issues with opening files and setting current working directory.
    • Changed the way application imports plugins.
    • Change operations to work with expanded directories.
    • Always show tree expanders when option is turned on.
  • 0.2-59
    dd68dc1a · Updated change log. ·
    Release 0.2-59

    This release brings the following new features:

    • Multiple file system monitor;
    • Drag and drop in same directory;
    • Column font size;
    • Auto-complete in manual location entry;
    • Support for XDG directory icons;
    • Right-click drag and drop with options "Copy", "Move", "Link";
    • Option to choose to allow multiple instances;
    • Emblem support;
    • DBus support interface;
    • Locking tabs and tab menus;
    • Linking using with drag and drop;
    • Affected items list in copy/move dialog.