Commit dd491e61 authored by Matrixcoffee's avatar Matrixcoffee

Remove Riot screen sharing

Screen sharing appears to no longer be a Riot feature at this time.
parent bb1eb8ee
......@@ -68,12 +68,6 @@ That said, CORS errors often happen because some plugin is blocking Riot's reque
Matrix and Riot use Weblate as a platform to contribute translations, this platform is available at [[][]]. There is also a channel dedicated to everything regarding translations, you can find it at [[][]].
**** How do I enable screen sharing?
The built-in screen sharing feature can be activated by shift-clicking on the video call button. Note that the feature is currently a proof-of-concept, and deliberately somewhat hidden.
You can also add a jitsi widget to the room and do screen sharing that way.
**** How can I change my displayname in one room only, using devtools? :per_room:
There is a graphical walkthrough on how to change your displayname in a single room at [[]].
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