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Add Synapse Docker image

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......@@ -212,6 +212,10 @@ The recommended way to set up Synapse is discussed and clarified in [[https://gi
Yes, several exist. PC-Admin has written [[][a very complete Debian 9 walkthrough including TURN setup]]. There's also a digitalocean guide which we can't recommend at this time because it makes you replace the self-signed certificate for no good reason. And of course there's [[][Synapse's very own README]].
*** How to install Synapse as a Docker container?
*** How do I set up TURN? :turn:coturn:
See [[][Synapse's TURN Howto]]. For a clear example configuration, see Max's [[][working VoIP configuration]]. Finally, there is a [[][complete Synapse setup guide]] including coturn setup.
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