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Link to example homeserver.yaml

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......@@ -230,6 +230,12 @@ Currently, the only way is to manually toggle the admin flag in the database. Th
Note that a Server Admin is not a Room Admin, and Server Admins have very limited power over rooms.
*** Where can I find a sample homeserver.yaml?
[[]] is probably the best ready-made example, and running "~python -m --generate-config~" should generate the most up to date example config.
Relevant issues: [[][1433]] , [[][2939]], [[][1464]] and [[][1303]].
*** My Synapse question isn't answered here. Where can I ask for help? :_lastresort:
General help with setting up and configuring Synapse, as well as basic troubleshooting, can be had from [[][]]. This room is community-run and /not/ monitored by the Synapse team. Repeat: /not/.
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