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Move e2e implementation guide to FAQ

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......@@ -431,6 +431,10 @@ Placing libolm on GitHub would constitute 'importing' it to the United States, a
The export of cryptographic technology and devices from the United States was severely restricted by U.S. law until 1992, but was gradually eased until 2000. Some restrictions still remain. [[]]
**** Where is the e2e implementation guide?
The official e2e implementation guide is at [[]].
** Bridges :bridge:
*** What's a plumbed room? What's a portal room? What types of bridges are there? @@html:<a name="bridge-types">@@ :plumbed:portal:puppet:
......@@ -545,10 +549,6 @@ This code of conduct outlines our expectations for participants within the Matri
** desktop app :missing:
** e2e implementation guide
** exul slides :missing:
** gc :missing:
** id :missing:
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