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+msgid "We now have some [pre-built basebox images]( up for you to play with! These are graciously hosted by Vagrant, and should make setting up your own buildserver a lot easier."
+msgstr ""
+#. type: Plain text
+#: build/_posts/md/
+msgid "We've had many reports that random apps started sprouting a mysterious \"SET\" Anti-Feature, sometimes even more than one! It is a mistake and should not be there. We are well aware of this bug now, so thank you for your all reports. ;) The fix is tested and just waiting to be deployed. You can read about the gory details in [issue 565]("
+msgstr ""
This test failed because the localization files were not synced. To do that, run `./tools/ md2po` then commit the changes in po/ and include them in this merge request.
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