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......@@ -97,6 +97,13 @@ $ npm run dist
- **Tutorial** page.
- **About** page.
- Both editing modes (drag & drop and source mode) will show a page that will be about selecting which stage to edit, we will call this page the story menu. More than one stage can be edited at the same time (just go to the story menu page and select another story, changes will not be lost). The story menu will have the list of stories available for editing, showing their names (that the user can edit) and *possibly* a preview of the background (that the user can select. When clicking on a stage to edit, the editor will be shown and the user can edit his text and save it to a XML file. In the editor page the user will have the option to load the original story, in case the editor is empty (this will give him a reference on how to do things). In order to generate the executable the user must go to the story menu, which will have this option available. All the stories that have been modified by the user will be replaced in the executable.
- Drag and drop xml opens file.
- Have "Save" and "Save As" buttons.
- Upon exit, if the file has not been saved the program should ask if the user wishes to save it.
- Add mp3 files in the swf.
- Add sfx when yaga waves his sword at the sample story and list the available sfx sound files somewhere.
- Add item to story sample.
- Make a function in utils.js for writting errors to a file. Instead of having just console.log (which users won't see), we will also write to an error.log file.
- XLS for validating the story XML file.
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