Commit 71364704 authored by David Gonçalves's avatar David Gonçalves 📖


parent 74cbb21e
......@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@ function generateExe() {
const dialog = require('dialog'); // For some reason dialog was not defined...
// TODO Verify if Java is installed and in path
var status = PluginDetect.isMinVersion('Java', '1.0', '../java/getJavaInfo.jar');
alert(status); //in my case, It shows -1(Returns -1 if plugin is not installed or not enabled.), but I can run java command
//var version = PluginDetect.getVersion('Java', 'getJavaInfo.jar');
......@@ -208,9 +209,6 @@ function compileExe() {
console.log(`stderr: ${ffdec.stderr}`);
console.log(`exit: Child process exited with code ${ffdec.status}.`);
try {
} catch(err) {
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