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## Development Requirements
- Install NodeJS
- NodeJS
- [Atom Editor]( *(optional)*
## Naming Conventions
[JS Conventions](
The only exception to the rules above is that we use tabs for indentation and spaces
for alignment. Eg.
**JavaScript good practices**
1. Place `"use strict";` on top of every JavaScript file.
2. Use `let` instead of `var` for variables.
3. Use strict equality operator `===` and `!==` for comparisons instead of regular equality operator `==` and `!=`.
4. Use Automated Linters (JSLint, JSHint, ESLint). ~~I also use `linter-gjslint` on Atom editor.~~ I use `linter-eslint` because it is compatible with ReactJS.
5. Test using [Mocha](, [Chai](, [Sinon]( Tutorial [here](
6. Use [Babel]( for compatibility with older browsers.
**Interesting ES6 JavaScript tricks**
1. [Template literals](
2. Exponentiation operator `2 ** 3 = 2 * 2 * 2`.
3. Unary `+` operator coverts string to number.
4. Double NOT `!!` converts value to boolean.
5. [Labels](
6. [Arrow functions](
7. [Debugging](
## Running the project
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