Commit 24452c16 authored by MakerRobotics's avatar MakerRobotics

Add new file

parent 5bd61368
#include <inttypes.h>
#include <Arduino.h>
#define ADDRESS_AUTO 0x40
#define ADDRESS_FIXED 0x44
#define START_ADDRESS 0xc0
#define LOWEST 0
#define MEDIUM 2
#define HIGHEST 7
extern uint8_t Cmd_SetData;
extern uint8_t Cmd_SetAddr;
extern uint8_t pinClk;
extern uint8_t pinDio;
extern uint8_t Cmd_DispCtrl;
* Arguments: Clk Clk pin
Dio Dio pin
* Note: sets brightness of battery display
void maker_setup(uint8_t Clk, uint8_t Dio, uint8_t BRIGHTNESS);
* Note: displays all levels up to argument Level
void maker_displayLevel(uint8_t Level);
void maker_clearDisplay(void);
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