Commit dd4bafe1 authored by Jannis Teunissen's avatar Jannis Teunissen

Add simple check for lsf sign switch on coarse grid

parent 47abaa60
......@@ -88,6 +88,10 @@ contains
if (.not. associated(mg%box_corr)) mg%box_corr => mg_auto_corr
if (.not. associated(mg%box_rstr)) mg%box_rstr => mg_auto_rstr
if (mg%i_lsf /= -1) then
call check_coarse_representation_lsf(tree, mg)
end if
call mg_set_box_tag_lvl(tree, mg, 1)
call coarse_solver_initialize(tree, mg)
......@@ -2026,4 +2030,28 @@ contains
call mg_stencil_handle_boundaries(box, mg, stencil, bc_to_rhs)
end subroutine mg_box_lpllsf_stencil
subroutine check_coarse_representation_lsf(tree, mg)
type(af_t), intent(in) :: tree
type(mg_t), intent(in) :: mg
integer :: i, id, nc
real(dp) :: max_lsf, min_lsf
nc = tree%n_cell
max_lsf = -1e100_dp
min_lsf = 1e100_dp
do i = 1, size(tree%lvls(1)%ids)
id = tree%lvls(1)%ids(i)
max_lsf = max(max_lsf, &
maxval(tree%boxes(id)%cc(DTIMES(1:nc), mg%i_lsf)))
min_lsf = min(min_lsf, &
minval(tree%boxes(id)%cc(DTIMES(1:nc), mg%i_lsf)))
end do
if (max_lsf * min_lsf >= 0) then
print *, "Make the coarse grid finer?"
error stop "Level set function does not change sign on coarse grid"
end if
end subroutine check_coarse_representation_lsf
end module m_af_multigrid
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