Commit b80e4dd8 authored by Jannis Teunissen's avatar Jannis Teunissen

Fix OpenMP private variable in flux_update_densities

parent cf3c730f
......@@ -230,13 +230,12 @@ contains
integer, intent(in) :: s_out !< Output time state
integer :: lvl, n, id, IJK, nc
real(dp) :: dt_dr(NDIM)
#if NDIM == 2
real(dp) :: rfac(2, tree%n_cell)
nc = tree%n_cell
rfac = 0.0_dp ! Prevent warnings in 3D
!$omp parallel private(lvl, n, id, IJK, dt_dr)
!$omp parallel private(lvl, n, id, IJK, dt_dr, rfac)
do lvl = 1, tree%highest_lvl
!$omp do
do n = 1, size(tree%lvls(lvl)%leaves)
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