Commit 47899d9a authored by Jannis Teunissen's avatar Jannis Teunissen

Document potential Silo memory leak

parent c242dcde
......@@ -345,10 +345,12 @@ contains
ierr = dbaddiopt(dboptix, DBOPT_DTIME, time)
end if
! Jannis: valgrind complains about a memory leak due to this call, but if
! that leak is there, it seems to be Silo's fault.
ierr = dbaddcopt(dboptix, DBOPT_MMESH_NAME, &
trim(mmname), len_trim(mmname))
if (ierr /= 0) print *, &
"Error dbaddiopt is SILO_set_mmesh_var: DBOPT_MMESH_NAME", ierr
"Error dbaddiopt in SILO_set_mmesh_var: DBOPT_MMESH_NAME", ierr
ierr = dbputmvar(dbix, trim(mvname), len_trim(mvname), n_grids, &
dnames(1:total_len), name_lengths, m_types, dboptix, iostat)
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