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......@@ -21,6 +21,19 @@ At the moment, only cell-centered variables are included in the output.
See `m_af_output` for more details.
## Silo output
Silo is the preferred output format. With this format, ghost cells are included so that no clear artifacts should be visible near refinement boundaries.
Some details about this format:
* Only data from the AMR leaves (so the highest visible refinement levels) is included
* In 2D and 3D, multiple quadtree/octree boxes is converted into rectangular regions for efficiency. These are written as so-called *quadmeshes* into a Silo *multimesh*.
* In 1D, output is written in the *curve* format
## VTK output
Write the grid as an unstructured grid in the VTK XML format. Not very efficient, especially in 3D. Does not properly handle the refinement boundaries.
# Visualizing results
The Silo and VTK files can be visualized
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