Commit 81560510 authored by MCMic's avatar MCMic 🎮

Basic customization

parent a23e76ee
...@@ -2,10 +2,10 @@ ...@@ -2,10 +2,10 @@
set -e -u set -e -u
iso_name=archlinux iso_name=snislive
iso_label="ARCH_$(date +%Y%m)" iso_label="SNIS_$(date +%Y%m)"
iso_publisher="Arch Linux <>" iso_publisher="MCMic"
iso_application="Arch Linux Live/Rescue CD" iso_application="Space Nerds In Space Live"
iso_version=$(date +%Y.%m.%d) iso_version=$(date +%Y.%m.%d)
install_dir=arch install_dir=arch
work_dir=work work_dir=work
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