Commit 900090fc authored by Simon Shields's avatar Simon Shields Committed by Simon Shields

make the device list look prettier

use flexboxes to align the codename to the right, and make it greyer
than the device's real name.
parent 1443dac4
......@@ -105,3 +105,14 @@ header, main, footer {
img.voter {
margin: 2px;
.device-link {
display: flex;
flex-direction: row;
.device-model {
text-align: right;
float: right;
flex-grow: 2;
......@@ -40,9 +40,19 @@
{% for d in oem_to_devices[oem] | sort(attribute='model')%}
{% if d.model == device %}
<li class="active grey darken-2"><a href="/{{d.model}}">{{}} ({{d.model}})</a></li>
<li class="active teal">
<a class="device-link" href="/{{d.model}}">
<div class="device-model grey-text text-lighten-1">{{d.model}}</div>
{% else %}
<li ><a href="/{{d.model}}">{{}} ({{d.model}})</a></li>
<a class="device-link" href="/{{d.model}}">
<div class="device-model grey-text">{{d.model}}</div>
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}
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