Commit ca6b16d7 authored by razorloves's avatar razorloves

hudson: Update devices.json with new devices

Change-Id: I8f3eebd0cc2c8a6d725549d3a26dd45c8a38de1c
parent e05e45c3
......@@ -11,12 +11,15 @@
{ "model": "bacon", "oem": "OnePlus", "name": "One"},
{ "model": "bardock", "oem": "BQ", "name": "Aquaris X"},
{ "model": "bardockpro", "oem": "BQ", "name": "Aquaris X Pro"},
{ "model": "berkeley", "oem": "Huawei", "name": "Honor View 10"},
{ "model": "beryllium", "oem": "Xiaomi", "name": "Poco F1"},
{ "model": "bullhead", "oem": "Google", "name": "Nexus 5X"},
{ "model": "cancro", "oem": "Xiaomi", "name": "Mi 3w and Mi 4"},
{ "model": "capricorn", "oem": "Xiaomi", "name": "Mi 5s"},
{ "model": "chagalllte", "oem": "Samsung", "name": "Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (LTE)"},
{ "model": "chagallwifi", "oem": "Samsung", "name": "Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (Wi-Fi)"},
{ "model": "chaozu", "oem": "BQ", "name": "Aquaris U"},
{ "model": "charlotte", "oem": "Huawei", "name": "P20 Pro"},
{ "model": "che10", "oem": "Huawei", "name": "Honor 4x (China Telecom)"},
{ "model": "cherry", "oem": "Huawei", "name": "Honor 4/4x"},
{ "model": "cheeseburger", "oem": "OnePlus", "name": "5"},
......@@ -169,6 +172,7 @@
{ "model": "piccolo", "oem": "BQ", "name": "Aquaris M5"},
{ "model": "pioneer", "oem": "Sony", "name": "Xperia XA2"},
{ "model": "pme", "oem": "HTC", "name": "10"},
{ "model": "polaris", "oem": "Xiaomi", "name": "Mi MIX 2S"},
{ "model": "pollux", "oem": "Sony", "name": "Xperia Tablet Z LTE"},
{ "model": "pollux_windy", "oem": "Sony", "name": "Xperia Tablet Z Wi-Fi"},
{ "model": "r5", "oem": "OPPO", "name": "R5/R5s (R8106/R8106s Intl)"},
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