Commit 0a22bd92 authored by razorloves's avatar razorloves Committed by Michael Bestas

hudson: Add f1f to download portal

Change-Id: Icf6e73e078e5d40b5395fcf52062266fa8f0db26
parent 7c3affce
......@@ -49,6 +49,7 @@
{ "model": "espressowifi", "oem": "Samsung", "name": "Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 / 10.1 (Wi-Fi)"},
{ "model": "ether", "oem": "Nextbit", "name": "Robin"},
{ "model": "FP2", "oem": "Fairphone", "name": "Fairphone 2"},
{ "model": "f1f", "oem": "OPPO", "name": "F1 (F1f Intl)"},
{ "model": "f400", "oem": "LG", "name": "G3 (Korea)"},
{ "model": "falcon", "oem": "Motorola", "name": "Moto G"},
{ "model": "find7", "oem": "OPPO", "name": "Find 7a"},
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