Commit f15b19f6 authored by Tom Powell's avatar Tom Powell

pass RELEASE_TYPE to signing.

parent 526a9de6
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......@@ -15,12 +15,13 @@ if not project or not trigger_token or not access_token:
project = quote_plus(project)
def start(device, version, pipeline_id):
def start(device, version, type_, pipeline_id):
gitlab_url = f"{project}/trigger/pipeline?token={trigger_token}&ref=master"
data = {
"variables[DEVICE]": device,
"variables[PIPELINE_ID]": pipeline_id,
"variables[VERSION]": version
"variables[VERSION]": version,
"variables[RELEASE_TYPE]": type_
req =, data)
if req.status_code == 201:
......@@ -30,7 +31,7 @@ def start(device, version, pipeline_id):
print("ERROR", req.status_code, req.text)
def main():
pipeline_id = start(os.environ.get("DEVICE"), os.environ.get("VERSION"), os.environ.get("CI_PIPELINE_ID"))
pipeline_id = start(os.environ.get("DEVICE"), os.environ.get("VERSION"), os.environ.get("TYPE"), os.environ.get("CI_PIPELINE_ID"))
status = "pending"
gitlab_url = f"{project}/pipelines/{pipeline_id}"
headers = {'Private-Token': access_token}
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