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  1. 18 Jun, 2021 5 commits
    • Antonio Terceiro's avatar
      Merge branch 'check-environment-cross-optional' into 'master' · a5b1db27
      Antonio Terceiro authored
      tuxmake-check-environment: make full cross compilation optional
      See merge request !178
    • Antonio Terceiro's avatar
      tuxmake-check-environment: make full cross compilation optional · 15482821
      Antonio Terceiro authored
      While cross compilation of user space code is supported in Debian, it's
      not so readily available in other distributions. So make failures to
      cross compile binaries against a libc non-fatal by default, and allow
      them to be made fatal with a command line argument.
      Then, change the tuxmake image build process to make those failures
      fatal on the fully supported architectures, instead of making it
      non-fatal on the other ones.
    • Antonio Terceiro's avatar
      Merge branch 'always-cleanup' into 'master' · 992c5992
      Antonio Terceiro authored ensure cleanup is always called
      Closes #139
      See merge request !177
    • Antonio Terceiro's avatar ensure cleanup is always called · dcc8d5a6
      Antonio Terceiro authored
      Even when the build fails at the preparation phase (e.g. downloading the
      container image fails), there are things to cleanup.
      Fixes: #139
    • Antonio Terceiro's avatar
      0.24.0 release · b8a0ced4
      Antonio Terceiro authored
      New features:
      - tuxmake-check-environment: also check clang+lld
      - tuxmake-check-environment: check cross compilation of user space code
      - target: add targz-pkg
      Bug fixes:
      - Fix a crash when git is not installed
      - tuxmake-offline-build: wait for socket before going offline
      Documentation updates:
      - mkdocs.yml: avoid failure in strict mode
      - mkdocs.yml: set site_url to
      - docs: chat: document channel move to Libera Chat
      Container images:
      - support/docker/configure: Introduce Parameter Object
      - support/docker/configure: reuse existing method
      - docker: add support for extra APT repo and key
      - runtime: docker: build clang-10 again
      - support/docker/configure: fix image builds when TAG is set
      - docker: clang-10: restrict to amd64 hosts only
      - support/docker/Makefile: add clang-android to smoke test
      - docker: don't install gcc on clang images
      - docker: clang-android: don't install gcc
      - docker: Makefile: move image set testing into its own target
      - docker: build: Ensure basic cross...
  2. 17 Jun, 2021 4 commits
  3. 11 Jun, 2021 2 commits
    • Antonio Terceiro's avatar
      target: add targz-pkg · 636bb46f
      Antonio Terceiro authored
      The filename of the final package depends on the current kernel version
      (the same from `make kernelversion`) and the target architecture.
      Expand Target.find_artifacts to expand glob expressions, and they can now
      be used in the artifacts section of target definitions.
      Fixes: #147
      Co-Authored-By: Matthew Kenigsberg's avatarMatthew Kenigsberg <>
    • Antonio Terceiro's avatar
      target: Extract Method find_artifacts() · 5298c937
      Antonio Terceiro authored
      Modularize the concern of finding the artifacts in a given build
      directory in the Target class. This allow different target
      implementations to change how that is done independently from the the
      build implementation, which can now just copy whatever source paths the
      targets proviedes, to the final destination path.
  4. 10 Jun, 2021 1 commit
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  11. 31 May, 2021 5 commits
  12. 27 May, 2021 1 commit
    • Antonio Terceiro's avatar
      0.23.0 release · f78cd2cb
      Antonio Terceiro authored
      New features:
      - build: set variables needed for reproducible Linux builds
      - Ensure tuxmake output is deterministic (i.e. implement reproducible builds)
      Bug fixes:
      - cmdline: never include --check-environment in reproducers
      Documentation updates:
      - docs/ improve writing
      - docs/ document how to build subsets of kselftest
      - docs/ document current status after reproducible
        builds are the default now.