Commit 00d7bfc3 authored by Jos Lieben's avatar Jos Lieben

A PS function to generate a full tenant + sites storage report

parent 488e667d
#Requires -Modules ImportExcel,SharePointPnPPowerShellOnline
#Requires -Version 5
Function get-tenantStorageReport{
Create a report of total tenant storage and usage, and an overview of all sites and their quota+usage
Create a report of total tenant storage and usage, and an overview of all sites and their quota+usage
get-tenantStorageReport -warningPercentRemaining 10 -tenant ogd
.PARAMETER warningPercentRemaining
An integer between 0 and 100, when site has less than this percentage of free space, it'll be marked in the report
The name of your tenant, e.g. if your tenant URL is, your tenant is ogd
filename: get-tenantStorageReport.ps1
author: Jos Lieben
created: 28/11/2018
[Int]$warningPercentRemaining = 10,
$warningMBRemaining = $warningGBRemaining*1024
$overviewReport = @()
$tenantReports = @{}
$tempExcelFilePath = Join-Path $Env:temp -ChildPath "detailReport.xlsx"
#connect to tenant
Connect-PnPOnline -UseWebLogin -Url "https://$($tenant)"
Write-Output "Connected to tenant $tenant"
$overviewReport += [PSCustomObject]@{"Customer"=$tenant;"SpaceUsed"="FAILED TO CONNECT";"SpaceAvailable"="FAILED TO CONNECT";"MaximumSpace"="FAILED TO CONNECT"}
Write-Error "Failed to connect to $tenant using PnP Online!" -ErrorAction Continue
Throw $_
$quota = Get-PnPTenant | Select StorageQuota -ExpandProperty StorageQuota
$sites = Get-PnPTenantSite | select StorageUsage,StorageMaximumLevel,Title,Url
$usedSpace = 0
Write-Output "Tenant quota: $quota"
$tenantReports.$tenant = @()
$hasSitesOverQuota = "NO"
foreach($site in $sites){
try{$percentUsed = [Math]::Round(($site.StorageUsage/$site.StorageMaximumLevel*100))}catch{$percentUsed = 100}
if(100-$percentUsed -le $warningPercentRemaining){
$hasSitesOverQuota = "YES"
Write-Output "$($tenant): $($site.Title) is almost at maximum capacity! Increase allocated storage. Used space: $($site.StorageUsage) maximum space: $($site.StorageMaximumLevel)"
$tenantReports.$tenant += [PSCustomObject]@{"Site Title"=$site.Title;"At risk"="YES";"Site usage"=$site.StorageUsage;"Percent"="$percentUsed%";"Site quota"=$site.StorageMaximumLevel;"Site URL"=$site.Url}
$tenantReports.$tenant += [PSCustomObject]@{"Site Title"=$site.Title;"At risk"="NO";"Site usage"=$site.StorageUsage;"Percent"="$percentUsed%";"Site quota"=$site.StorageMaximumLevel;"Site URL"=$site.Url}
try{$percentUsed = [Math]::Round(($usedSpace/$quota*100))}catch{$percentUsed = 100}
$overviewReport += [PSCustomObject]@{"Customer"=$tenant;"SpaceUsed"=$usedSpace;"SpaceAvailable"=$quota-$usedSpace;"SpaceUsedPercent"="$percentUsed%";"MaximumSpace"=$quota;"HasSitesOverQuota"=$hasSitesOverQuota}
Write-Output "Storage used: $usedSpace"
Write-Output "Storage available: $($quota-$usedSpace)"
$overviewReport | Export-Excel -workSheetName "Overview" -path $tempExcelFilePath -ClearSheet -TableName "Overview" -AutoSize
$tenantReports.Keys | ForEach-Object {
$TrimmedName = $_.Trim() -replace '\s',''
write-output "exporting $($_)"
$tenantReports.$_ | Export-Excel -workSheetName $TrimmedName -path $tempExcelFilePath -ClearSheet -TableName $TrimmedName -AutoSize
Write-Output "Your report was written to: $tempExcelFilePath"
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