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## Want to get involved?
[Contact us](communication) on Discord or by email and let's talk!
## Why Work With LibreFoodPantry?
* Do good for your community by helping to provide free and open-source software to your local food pantry.
* Faculty: enrich your students' learning by engaging them in an open-source project.
* Students: gain experience developing software, exercise and improve valued soft-skills, and build your resume.
## Who Else is Working with LibreFoodPantry?
### Nassau Community College
* Darci Burdge
* Lori Postner
* Mobile Application Development
Projects and Modules
* NCC-NEST-Registrations
### Western New England University
* BEAR-Necessities-Market
* Heidi Ellis
* Stoney Jackson
* Robert Walz
* Software Engineering
* Computer Science Capstone
* Human-Computer Interaction
Projects and Modules
* BEAR-Necessities-Market
* OrderModule-bnm
* UserModule-bnm
### Worcester State University
* Theas Pantry
* Karl Wurst
* Capstone
Projects and Modules
* Theas-Pantry
* FoodKeeper-API
* InventoryModule-tp
* VisitModule-tp
## Related Work
* <a
[PDF]</a> Karl R. Wurst, Christopher Radkowski, Stoney Jackson, Heidi J. C. Ellis, Darci Burdge, and Lori Postner. 2020. **LibreFoodPantry: Developing a Multi-Institutional, Faculty-Led, Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software Community.** In Proceedings of the 51st ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE ’20). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, 441–447. DOI:
## Links
* []( and [](
* Community of instructors teaching HFOSS.
* Sign up for and attend a POSSE and get more experience with HFOSS.
* Find activities that you can use with your classes to engage students in HFOSS.
* [TeachingOpenSource](
* Join a larger community of faculty who teach and teach with Open Source.
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