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(release date: 3/8/2018)

v1.1h1 Changelog:
*Some minor bugs or anomalies were not fixed
*This is due them to either being very low-priority or intended behavior due to engine/behavior issues
*Savedata is now fully implemented, dungeon/boss and all, example wise, should work fine now
*The resetting to defaults when starting a new save has been optimized, it now calls a function so each branch of the file-number check now uses about 30 less actions or so
*Said function has branches for resetting values based on save-file number, this might be slightly inefficient
*Said inefficiency is a quirk due to how inventory-items are used to handle savedata criteria specific to inv-items (is this chest open, is this item in the player's inventory, etc), but it'll probably be kept as it would still apply to multiplayer if implemented
*Got rid of the runtime start message, it's still in the code, it's just annoying and playtesting made me just want to not have it popup
*Fixed a bug where dying would act as progress being saved
*Fixed the rest of the special name-entering functions not working, the three now use CAPS (change to lower/upper)/BACKSPACE (erase)/ENTER for each (END was only functioning, all such as CAPS should work now)
*Changed criteria to check for lifting-objects to the helper object, should prevent two objects from being picked up at once
*Also fixed that weird single invincible bush bug
*Fixed key-quantity resetting with leaving a dungeon