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  • v2.1.1   Finally added mp3 support and Runtime Station support. All songs are stored in separate stations that are based on the artist, this will change in the future. Please note that if you are on macOS or Linux that both of these features are not enabled. You will have to wait for FFmpeg support as that is planned. If you are using macOS or Linux, you can still download and use this update as nothing will be affected other than not being able to use these features.
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    Release v2.1.1
    • Added Runtime Station support.
    • Added mp3 support.
    • Made it search for wav files in selected directories.
    • Made it search for ogg files in selected directories.
    • Made it search for mp3 files in selected directories.
    • The groundwork for better Runtime Stations laid.


  • v2.0.9   This is going to be the first version of RimRadio: Remade that is outside the beta and Steam.
    Release v2.0.9
    • Change the color of the miniplayer.
    • Change the color of the main player.
    • Change the highlight color.
    • Change the alpha (opacity) of the miniplayer.
    • Change the alpha (opacity) of the main player.
    • Change how fast the miniplayer cycles through information.
    • Change the size of the main player.
    • Enable/Disable ignoring TimeOfDay restriction.
    • Enable/Disable ignoring AllowedSeasons restriction.
    • Enable/Disable classic player. (I mean if you like it, but the newer one looks really good.)
    • Ability to not lose the main player.
    • Enable/disable shuffle of tracks in a station.

    Download: RimRadio Remade.zip

  • v2.0.5-beta protected   Massive improvements to the user interface. Please enjoy this new beta, which will probably be the last until it leaves beta.
    Release v2.0.5-beta
    • Added ability to change UI Color.
    • Added ability to change UI Opacity.
    • Added a new Display State.
      • Created a "Classic" Display State.
        • "Classic" had some changes to better align things.
      • Reworked the default Display State.
    • Added setting to choose between "Classic" and "Default".
    • Added preview to color sliders.


  • v2.0.3-beta protected   This is a beta build, not a final build. The final and full release build should be out soon. Probably within the week.
    Release v2.0.3-beta
    • Mini player fully implemented.
      • Mini player is able to go back to the full player.
      • Mini player cycles through the info of a song.
      • Mini player will update when the song changes.
    • Settings were added.
      • Settings Window implemented.
      • Allows ignoring of time of day.
      • Allows ignoring of season.
      • Allows users to import own song.
    • Core rework completed.

    Download: RimRadio.zip

  • v2.0.1-beta protected   This is the next preview build of the massive update coming out. Please note that I am also working on a utility that should aid in the creation of compatible music packs. The main point of this preview build is to show off the new MiniPlayer.
    Release v2.0.1-beta
    • MiniPlayer implemented.
    • MiniPlayer shows information about the song.
      • Goes through all the information.
      • Does it on a player-set limit.
    • MiniPlayer shows station icon.

    To change stations or songs, you will have to open the full player by clicking on the icon of the station.


  • v2.0.0-beta2   A line of code was changed that should enable it to be better to find music you want to play.
    Release v2.0.0-beta2
  • v2.0.0-beta protected   This is a stable beta build of what is to come. Please note that this is still a beta and is in an incomplete state. More fixes and improvements are to come.
    Release v2.0.0-beta
    • Reworked parts of the core.
      • Reworked how station loading worked.
    • Removed support for the need of creating DLLs.
      • This was honestly stupid, but I was new to modding RimWorld.
      • Use XML to load stations.
        • Find a place to store XML.
        • Make loading of XML from those locations.


  • V1.1.0
    Release V1.1.0


    • Updated to be compatible with B19.
    • Fixed some issues with Visual Studio not properly compiling or finding executable.
    • Added features for future support.
    • Added the ability to drag the Player around.


  • V1.0.0
    6533bc7e · Update issue templates ·
    Release V1.0.0

    This is the first version of RimRadio. To install, extract the zip file and move the folders over to the Mods folder in the RimWorld folder.