1oom v0.5 has been released. Changes:

  • support mouse wheel for lists, sliders and zooming
  • add -uiextra for enabling extra UI features, notably:
    • new New Game screen with opponent selection (including AI/player)
    • planetary governor for less micro (click on name to enable/disable)
  • SDL: support 15/16/24 bpp
  • added documentation on differences to v1.3
  • some improvements from the unofficial patch v1.40m have been implemented
  • add Classic+ AI with small fixes, some from v1.40m
  • about 100 bugs fixed, notably:
    • the AI should now provide a worthy challenge
    • space combat works as it should
    • fixed many crashes
  • added doc/pbxin_fixbugs.txt for optional bug fixes
  • last and least: the "No Events" text overlay is implemented

Tarball: 1oom-0.5.tar.gz

Binary for MSDOS: 1oom-v0.5-msdos.zip

Binary for Windows: 1oom-v0.5-win32.zip