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  • v1.0
    dedf0bbd · v1.0, project finished ·

    1oom v1.0 has been released. Changes:

    • quit brings back to main menu
    • clicking on the Tech screen lights sets the slider to bonus limit
    • governor color coding based on where the rest is spent
    • extra menu (bottom-left corner, shortcut E) expanded
    • a handful of bugs fixed

    This is the final release.

    Binaries for Windows: 1oom-v1.0-win32.zip

    Binaries for MSDOS: 1oom-v1.0-msdos.zip

    Source code tarball: 1oom-1.0.tar.gz

  • v0.9
    a8a3b75a · v0.9 ·

    1oom v0.9 has been released. Changes:

    • map scroll speed is adjustable
    • Planets and Fleet screen lists sortable by name/count/bases/etc
    • keys!
      • Alt-X in main menu toggles -uiextra
      • UHJK scroll the map
      • / to search for a planet by name
      • (Ctrl-)1-9 to tag/recall planet
      • space bar for Continue/dismiss/OK/etc
      • 1-5 as portrait click on Races
    • almost 20 bugs fixed, notably:
      • a cause for the infamous 32000 doom stacks indentified and fixed
      • AI scrapped wrong ship designs resulting in obsolete fleets
      • AI II armor bias fixed, resulting in overall better ship designs
      • all but a few of the 1.40m fixes are now implemented
    • doc/pbxin_fixbugs.txt expanded, including fix for waste calculation

    Binaries for Windows: 1oom-v0.9-win32.zip

    Binaries for MSDOS: 1oom-v0.9-msdos.zip

    Source code tarball: 1oom-0.9.tar.gz

  • v0.8
    a961b069 · v0.8 ·

    MOO1 was released 1993-09-06. Happy 25th anniversary! Here's 1oom v0.8 to celebrate the occasion. Changes:

    • click again to accept for transport redirection
    • all Advanced Technology are available for research
    • multiplayer player switching reduced
    • fix several music bugs
    • fix ship visibility during movement
    • fix ship scanner range
    • a handful of small fixes

    Binaries for Windows: 1oom-v0.8-win32.zip

    Binaries for MSDOS: 1oom-v0.8-msdos.zip

    Source code tarball: 1oom-0.8.tar.gz

  • v0.7
    ea8f7abf · v0.7 ·

    1oom v0.7 has been released. Changes:

    • game is deterministic by default
    • more options for planetary governor: (see doc/usage_common.txt)
      • spend rest on research/ships/reserve
      • ecology mode
      • build star gates
    • new -yearsave option for yearly saves (1oom_save_YYYY.bin)
    • Ctrl-F5 takes a screenshot
    • new -uiextra UI features:
      • 1.40m-like research bonus lights
      • extra menu (click bottom-left corner)
      • message filtering (via extra menu)
    • new "planet X has finished terraforming" message (off by default)
    • about 30 bugs fixed, notably:
      • many memory corruption crashes fixed (C is fun)
      • ETA is now correct
      • spy cost in Races screen matches actual costs
    • doc/pbxin_fixbugs.txt expanded, including fix for Oracle Interface

    Binaries for Windows: 1oom-v0.7-win32.zip

    Binaries for MSDOS: 1oom-v0.7-msdos.zip

    Source code tarball: 1oom-0.7.tar.gz

  • v0.6
    94498230 · v0.6 ·

    1oom v0.6 has been released. Changes:

    • fix mouse handling on large resolutions, replace -mousediv with -mousespd
    • extend mouse wheel support for counts, add options for inverting
    • clicking cycles selection of overlapping fleets/transports
    • new -uiextra UI features, notably:
      • space combat autoresolve for skipping uninteresting battles
      • target bases for planetary governor (right-click planet name)
      • partial fleet send does not deselect fleet
      • click destination again to Accept
      • Game screen options overhaul: sound/music volume, mouse speed, ...
    • less than 100 bugs fixed, notably:
      • AI expansion was hindered by several bugs
      • space combat had issues
      • fixed a few crashes
    • doc/pbxin_fixbugs.txt expanded, including fixed starting ship costs
    • cmdline UI is now complete
    • 1oom_lbxedit (which you should ignore and use 1oom_pbxmake instead)

    Source code tarball: 1oom-0.6.tar.gz

    Binary for Windows: 1oom-v0.6-win32.zip

    Binary for MSDOS: 1oom-v0.6-msdos.zip

  • v0.5
    3347f0de · v0.5 ·

    1oom v0.5 has been released. Changes:

    • support mouse wheel for lists, sliders and zooming
    • add -uiextra for enabling extra UI features, notably:
      • new New Game screen with opponent selection (including AI/player)
      • planetary governor for less micro (click on name to enable/disable)
    • SDL: support 15/16/24 bpp
    • added documentation on differences to v1.3
    • some improvements from the unofficial patch v1.40m have been implemented
    • add Classic+ AI with small fixes, some from v1.40m
    • about 100 bugs fixed, notably:
      • the AI should now provide a worthy challenge
      • space combat works as it should
      • fixed many crashes
    • added doc/pbxin_fixbugs.txt for optional bug fixes
    • last and least: the "No Events" text overlay is implemented

    Tarball: 1oom-0.5.tar.gz

    Binary for MSDOS: 1oom-v0.5-msdos.zip

    Binary for Windows: 1oom-v0.5-win32.zip

  • v0.4
    7c528cf5 · v0.4 ·

    1oom v0.4 has been released. Changes:

    • add -uiscale N for viewing more of the galaxy at once
    • local multiplayer is ready for testing (use -new to start)
    • 1oom_pbxdump as the counterpart to 1oom_pbxmake
    • bug genocide marches on, notably:
    • AI fleets disappearing when sent fixed
    • AI ship design phase can no longer hang
    • MSDOS port should not crash at the slightest provocation

    Tarball: 1oom-0.4.tar.gz

    Windows: 1oom-v0.4-win32.zip

    MSDOS: 1oom-v0.4-msdos.zip

  • v0.3
    76becada · v0.3 ·

    1oom v0.3 has been released. Changes:

    • new HW libraries: SDL2 and Allegro 4
    • new OS: MSDOS
    • win32 version now actually compiles
    • numerous bugs fixed
    • a log file is written by default
    • cmdline UI has emerged but is not fully playable yet
    • pkg-config support added for easier compiling
    • saveconv supports text input for debugging
  • v0.2
    4fde8295 · v0.2 ·
  • v0.1
    c6862519 · Add .gitignore ·