Special K v 0.9.8

 (.3): Added error message on systems missing June 2010 DirectX Runtimes

 (.1): Disable a user's ability to perform software updates using the in-game
         config menu on installs done without SKIM.
 (.1): Add option to disable DXGI_PRESENT_TEST swapchain present for FFXV

 + Added SteamAPI rate throttling to fix resource load hitches in FFXV

   >> Right-click the SteamAPI Frame counter in the control panel to access:

       -1 = Unlimited (will hitch)
        0 = Disabled  (no idea what will happen, but probably not good)
       *8 = (Suggested max. for FFXV)

 + DLL static initialization cleanup (most global scope data is now scoped)

    (Dramatic global injection performance speedup)