Special K v 0.9.6

  If you opt to use texture caching, set the limit to your entire VRAM
    capacity, otherwise it will fight with the game's internal cache and
      cause stuttering.

  I cannot fix this in time for the game's launch and have disabled texture
     caching by default for this game as an interim solution.

 *** Texture modding in D3D11 requires caching to be enabled, so if you see
       no textures in the mod tools, it's probably because caching is OFF.

 + Re-enabled IsDebuggerAttached (...) spoofing to allow FFXV to be run
     through a normal debugger (i.e. not Cheat Engine) without bailing out
 + Optimized D3D11 shader cache for games that create the same shader
     concurrently across multiple threads