Special K v 0.9.23

   ( D3D11 ReShade and various mod features for D3D11 games may not work
       correctly starting with 0.9.23, I will work to get that resolved as 
         quickly as I can )

 + Added CPU clock rate to CPU performance widget; will add core parking and
     thermal throttling details in a future release for Windows 10 users.

 + Improved recursive file search (SteamAPI DLL location) performance
 + If SpecialK32.pdb or SpecialK64.pdb are not present in a local install,
     SK will attempt to load these form Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\...
 + Sped up Special K boot procedure pretty singificantly
 + Tweaked inefficient Texture Residency driver queries
 + Fixed situations where SK would fetch vertsion info from GitHUb multiple times
 + Fixed sRGB -> RGBA buffer override for Unity games to use flip model
 + Fixed various inconsistent ANSI / Unicode text issues in Unity (debug log)
 + Added CPU core spoofing to the framerate limiter for broken Unity games

 + Added HDR luminance control to Special K's OSD so you can see it in an HDR game :P