Special K v 0.9.9 (FFXV) / 0.9.10 (General)


  + Dynamically adjust NvAPI monitoring thread priority to prevent rare hitching
      when the render thread's priority is != NORMAL
  + Added various options to make Ni No Kuni 2 less annoying; refer to control panel
  + Rolled up all of the changes from the standalone FFXV version (0.9.9)


 (.15): Add logging of unexpected ref. counts on texture data to locate FFXV leaks
 (.14): TargetFPS applied at startup again
 (.13): Add merge mode to texture cache -- only prevents duplicate resources
 (.12): Sleep(0) on render thread -> SwitchToThread(); useful for i5 users
 (.11): Workaround for threads that try to skip attach notifications and corrupt TLS
 (.10): Alternate compiler options for better support with Ansel -- again
 (.8): Add persistent storage of settings introduced in .6, and explain them
        [They are actually applied when the engine starts said thread now]

 (.6): Add options for thread scheduling; can lower render and VSYNC threads
         to help people with fewer CPU cores in FFXV

 (.5): Anti-Debug Workaround for FFXV

 (.3): Correctly packed 64-bit version of CEGUI into 64-bit builds :P

 (.2): Fixed floating ImGui widgets not saving position in osd.ini
 (.1): Fix issue preventing Special K from identifying and assigning its own
         threads their initial priority (all were running NORMAL but most are
           designed to run at lower priority).

 + Disabled compiler options known to cause problems with Ansel; forced to
     replace them with options known to cause issues with MSI Nahimic.

 + Prevent FFXV from running SteamAPI with TIME_CRITICAL scheduling and
     starving more important threads that actually use the CPU productively