Special K v. 0.9.1

``` (.4): Add option to cache textures even if a graphics engine is under- or overflowing Special K's reference count sanity tests
       (i.e. Tokyo Xanadu)

(.3): Tweaked thread priority scheduling at boot for faster startup (.3): Improved window management in Sonic Mania and Lightning Returns (.2): Fixed support for caching / injecting Unordered Access View qualified textures (about 2/3 of FFXII's textures are Unordered Access Views)

(.1): Fixed mouse capture issues caused by the previously mentioned fix :P

  • Fixed keyboard / mouse focus issues when Win32 modal dialogs are active at the same time as an ImGui modal dialog

[!] Moved SpecialK[32|64].dll's texture injection directory to

  Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\Profiles\<game_name>\SK_Res
  • Fixed Secret of Mana late SteamAPI init. in global injector
  • Fixed address cache invalidation for D3D11 games
  • Updated 64-bit SteamAPI DLL for compat. with newer games
  • Increased MinHook performance (faster startup)