First official release of 0.9.0


 + Added a new File menu for texture modders, that will take you to your
     game's texture dump / injection directory (D3D11 only at the moment)

 + Fixed SteamAPI shutdown issues in some improperly written games;
   >> SteamAPI isn't thread-safe, stop shutting down stuff from a different
        thread than owns the client pipe.

 + Enabled the Bordered/Borderless/Borderless Fullscreen Display Menu in GL
  >> Some games do not properly resize their viewport when overriden in GL;
       please be aware of this.
 + Optimized dynamic memory management when drawing line-based performance
 + Added auto-pause feature for Steam Overlay Aware games when the cpl is open
   >> This feature requires Special K to observe the game setup an overlay
        activation callback.

      This callback may be missed in global injection scenarios and the
        local DLL is more likely to properly detect Overlay Aware software.

    *** Right-click the SteamAPI frame counter to access this setting (if
          the current game is overlay aware) ***
 + Added Steam Online Status options to a new Steam menu
  >> This setting is per-game, but a system-wide preference can be manually
       setup by adding [Steam.Social] OnlineStatus=0 to Global\achievements.ini
 + Improved framerate limiter WaitForVBLANK and added this feature to GL
 + Fixed D3D9Ex Fullscreen and Windowed overrides for applications that do
     not set the Focus / Device HWND parameters during device creation

 + Added FFXV to an internal whitelist of games _NOT SOLD ON STEAM_ that
     are compatible with global injection.
 + Added more descriptive version info to the startup banner if you manually
     place Special K's DLL into a game directory as (dxgi.dll, d3d9.dll, etc).
 + Fixed file permission problems if you use Special K in the FFXV benchmark
  >> CEGUI cannot be used in the benchmark unless you run _BOTH_ the game,
      and SKIM64 (if you use global injection) as admin. SK will disable
        CEGUI automatically if file permission issues are detected.

 + Enhanced FFXII compatibility
 + Fixed UI scaling issues preventing Accept button from appearing on EULA.

 + Automatically bootstrap steam_api{64}.dll from Special K's distribution for
     any game located in SteamApps\common that does not use SteamAPI

  >> This allows AppID name resolution for games that pre-date SteamWorks,
       and adds Special K's Steam overlay enhancements.

   ( This feature is configurable through Steam.System::AutoInjectSteamAPI )

 + Added a menu option to File to inject SteamAPI into non-Steam games.

 + Fixed window focus issues in some OpenGL and DirectDraw/Direct3D 8 games
 + Renamed Render.GL::ShowOSDInVidCap to Render.OSD::ShowInVidCap since it
     affects all graphics APIs now

 + Stop booting ancillary graphics APIs after the game draws two frames;

     A game bringing in D3D9 or D3D11 after it's already started rendering
       using a different graphics API is usually for video playback and I
         have no interest in modifying that stuff :P

 + Added logging of all HWNDs that are actively tracking RawInput devices
 + Application restarts after update / compat menu now properly start the
     game in the foreground

 + Forced fullscreen mode works in D3D9 again, but Unity's still sketchy
 + Fixed COM wrapper dispatch issues for DirectInput 7 games
 + Fixed several window activation (alt+tab) issues in D3D9/GL
 + Fixed compatibility dialog for local wrapper installs causing deadlocks
 + Added D3D9 OSD visibility toggle for vidcap
 + Fixed framerate limiter preferences not being applied at start

 + Added timeout detection in the event that third-party
     software is preventing the OSD hiding feature from working;

  >> OSD will automagically revert to normal drawing behavior
       if this scenario is detected.

 + Added option to toggle OSD visibility in D3D11 games
 + 100% support for video capture software in D3D11
 + Nearly complete support for vidcap software in D3D9