Special K v 0.8.61

 (.1): Fixed missing DLL export for wglSwapBuffers; needed for use as OpenGL32.dll

 + Fixed the EULA screen to support agreeing with gamepad / keyboard :)
 + Fixed OpenGL transparency option for ImGui rendering.
 + Fixes OpenGL OSD text rendering memory issues in 32-bit games

  >> The fix is sub-optimal and it is not recommended that you use the
       text-based OSD in OpenGL games until I can re-write it.

    * Performance widgets are actually higher performance in OpenGL
        than the OSD, please use widgets to monitor performance instead.

  + A handful of 32-bit OpenGL games continue to have issues and you
      may need to use EnableCEGUI=false to resolve compatibility issues.

    >> CEGUI is only used for achievement popups and OSD text; other
         overlay / UI aspects will continue to work.